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cracked-ice-lake-baikal-russiaWe spend approximately a third of our lives asleep, yet normally ignore this part of our lives, which means we’re ignoring a third of our lives.  There is so much rich material in our dreams, it seems a shame to miss out on it.

This morning I awoke from an erotic dream about a man.  I knew who the man was, though in the dream he looked different; I felt his essence, his spirit, like I had known him in a previous life.  Although we may recognize the people in our dreams, when dreams are messages from the subconscious, every person in the dream is a part of ourselves.  When I searched for some meaning in the dream, I recalled another dream I had earlier this year.

In the first four months of 2013, I had a series of nine dreams that were so incredibly vivid and alive, they were like real experiences and the meaning in them was so deep, it was startling.  Fortunately I made it a discipline to write them all down.  Dream #8 was titled “Man Trapped Under the Ice in a Barren Landscape”.

In the dream, I’m hiking in a strange landscape, where the land is barren and cold.  There’s a river at the base of some bare brown hills.  The river is frozen, though the water is still running fairly swiftly underneath the ice.

I see a man trapped under the sheet of ice.  He’s wearing a scuba tank so I know he won’t drown, though I also realize he can’t stay under there forever.  He has to find a way out.  He’s pounding his fists on the sheet of ice, trying to break through.  The water is swiftly running over him.

Something tells me he can get through at the edge of the glacier.  Then I’m under the ice, crawling out from under it at the edge of the glacier where the ice (frozen water) meets the barren dry earth.

I’m making a point of the fact that ice is frozen water because it touches on the meaning of the dreams.  Water is symbolic of emotions.  The frozen, dry landscape has to do with an inability of my emotions to flow through me.  They were frozen, which led to feelings of boredom, loneliness, and depression, an inability to connect with myself, with other people, and with life.

Having worked to thaw myself over the course of the year, I have seen significant progress:  an increase in my ability to feel a wide range of emotions, let the energy flow through me, and be more connected to myself and to life.  The erotic, playful dream was symbolic of the life waters flowing through me, feeding the landscape and turning it lush.

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