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A Warrior’s Paradox

Warrior Woman SilhouetteI want to talk about the alignments coming up.  There are some whoppers this week.  It starts with Neptune going direct on the 13th.  Not really a big deal, but could amplify the following alignments.  It gets exciting or incindiary (depending on your point of view) on the 14th when Venus squares Uranus, then on the 15th, Venus conjuncts Pluto, followed by a full moon on the 17th.

What does all this mean?  Well, Venus is the planet of love, passion, money, wealth, beauty and the arts.  Uranus rules shocks and surprises.  The problem when these two planets square is that we usually do not want to be shocked when it comes to love, money, or beauty.  I wouldn’t suggest any major changes in these areas if you can avoid it.  In other words, this is not a time for new investments, a new hairdo, asking for a commitment, and certainly not the time for plastic surgery… you may be shocked to find your nose ends up on your forehead.

Anything where the outcome matters to you… wait for better alignments.  Of course you may end up being shocked anyway by something that someone else says or does.

And Pluto intensifies everything, so it’s like dumping nitroglycerin on a pile of TNT.  Not a good mix.  Then the full moon comes along and strikes a match.

So, what does a warrior do under these kinds of alignments?  One of the tenets of controlled folly is that a warrior can retreat when necessary.  Sometimes this is not always possible and we must deal with what comes up.  This is where I discovered the paradox.

Don Juan teaches Castaneda that a warrior is fluid and flexible.  Yet, he also teaches him to have unbending intent.  How do we take in both of these teachings and make them work simultaneously?

Unbending intent is our commitment to our deepest values.  Whereas the strategies we use in order to live in accordance with our deepest values require flexibility.  We can bend and flex and flow, but we always know that deep down inside we are warriors seeking freedom and personal power.  There is power in flexibility.  It makes us less brittle, less easy to break.

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