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A Warrior’s Need for Light-Hearted Frivolity

FrivolityMy “final exam” is approaching.  It’s the name I’ve given to the day that Pluto will oppose my ascendant for the last time in my entire life, the third and last time.  This is a big deal because Pluto, god of the Underworld, had many important lessons to teach me about empowerment. This year I had experiences of feeling rage and total powerlessness… because that’s what I had felt as a child when I was trapped in an abusive situation.  I have always suspected that trauma of being the cause of my life-long depression, which I have made significant progress with over the past seven years, virtually eliminating the depression all-together.  Yet there is still sometimes an excessive gravity and seriousness about me.

I was reminded today that warriors also have a need for frivolity.  Yes, it’s true.  A warrior’s strength comes from impeccability, a kind of light-hearted playfulness that allows one to be at peace with all outcomes.  As don Juan said, “for a warrior, all outcomes are equal.”

So I saw that it was true.  A warrior needs frivolity, folly, playfulness, mischievousness, mirth.  A warrior needs to be light-hearted and flirtatious and fun.  Without it, we would take everything so seriously, we’d be overwhelmed and undone by the challenges we face.

A goddess said to me, “Do something completely frivolous.  Have fun!  Be a little wicked!”  She giggled.  I hope she’s taking her own advice!  She deserves it.

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