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An Open Letter to the Sacred Warrior in You

Dear Warrior,

Believe it or not, everything you need is within you or available to you.  There may be times in life when you feel powerless to change something that you desperately want to change.  But what I’ve discovered is that anything you are deeply and fully committed to changing, you can change.

How do you make that happen?

There are tools available that can be incredibly transformative to your being and to your life.  It doesn’t require massive will power.  On Sunday, November 3rd, I will be teaching two workshops at Colorado Free University, back-to-back:  Treasure Mapping and The Wish Game.  Although they may seem like simple child’s play, they are tremendously powerful tools for manifestation.  Maybe it’s because they are playful and creative that makes them so effective.  The Source of Creativity in the Universe is a playful, childlike energy.

Often the reason people aren’t able to manifest what they want is because in their formative years, they received the message that they didn’t deserve to experience joy, pleasure, and abundance in life.  They were taught not to acknowledge their own wants and desires.  They were taught that listening to their own inner voice was selfish and self-centered.

So they learned to behave authority figures unquestioningly, stay in line, not rock the boat.  Obey mom and dad, big brother, and the boss.  Who’s really benefiting when your life is about pleasing others and yet it in no way pleases you?  After a decade of swimming against the current in order to follow my bliss, I have intimate knowledge of the struggles involved.

But in the long run, everyone benefits when you listen to your inner voice and follow it.  When you listen to your inner voice and follow it, you know, “For this I came.”  This is the path to the True Self, allowing Divine Will to become your will.  It’s easy to have will-power when you’re walking a path with heart and having fun! And there’s something deeply rewarding about doing what flows naturally from your being.

Come play with us on November 3rd.  Let the child come out to play and create.  Discover what you really want and let yourself feel the pleasure of being the person you were meant to be, doing what you were meant to do.

Godspeed, dear warrior,

Evon Davis
Author & CFU Instructor

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