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More Freakish Synchronicity & Mystery

The Magic TheaterWhen I use the word Mystery, I mean Mystery with a capital M.  First of all, there was so much synchronicity when I was writing my latest novel, A Siren’s Lament, I virtually couldn’t tell the difference between reality and fiction.  My characters stepped out of the novel and became real people in my life.

My next novel, The Magic Theater, stars Catherine Black, also known as Cat Black.  She has sequestered herself in a remote mountain cabin, and one night she discovers a strange theater in the local town in which the audience members become the actors.  How strange is it that all of a sudden I am taking acting classes and my first role in the theater is a character named Catherine who fears she is losing her mind.  Oh, I forgot to mention that my character Cat Black also fears she is losing her mind.  Go figure.

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