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Create Scenes That Sizzle

dream-scene15 Essential Elements of Scene Writing

A story is a conflict shown in scenes, meaning that the characters’ conflicts unfold in scenes rather than in summary. Every high point in a story must be played out in moment-by-moment real time action. The technique of slowing things down forces the stakes in a story ever higher. Most beginning writers make the mistake of “telling” what happens rather than “showing” it in a scene. By learning to break down each scene into its smallest parts, you can create a story that sizzles on the page. In class, read and discuss examples of scenes that incorporate the 15 elements. Practice writing several scenes yourself, and read them aloud for feedback. Leave with an understanding of the difference between a scene and summary, why scene writing is the best kind of writing, what the elements of scene writing are, and how to use them. Evon Davis is the author of Pandora’s Box and The Bohemian Life.

Code: 1978H
Dates: October 26, 2013 Click here to register
Meets: One Sat., 1:30-4:30PM 10/26
Location: CFU LOWRY: Near 1st & Quebec
Fee: $51
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Notes: $20 optional materials fee payable in class

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