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Learning to Write is Fun at CFU!

creative_writingNow, you might think it odd that someone who’s a published author and a creative writing instructor at CFU for seven years would take Beginning Creative Writing, but I am always seeking out new approaches and love the community aspect of writers workshops, so I signed up for Amanda Reavey’s workshop.

I had no expectations one way or another, but was pleasantly surprised!  Amanda has a unique approach to creative writing that makes it fun for both beginners and old-timers.  I’ll give you a hint:  it has something to do with turning out the lights, closing your eyes, sticking your hand into a paper bag, and flashlights…. hehehe!  If you want to know what’s in the bag, you’ll have to come to the class.  I’m not giving the end of this story away!

If you’ve been longing to get into writing for the first time, or get back into writing after a break, this is a great way to get your fingers flapping over the keyboard again, or your pen scurrying across the page.  You’ll be amazed at what comes from the exercises.  While in her class I wrote a short story (about 1250 words) that ended up as a scene in the novel I’m currently writing.  In fact, I had so much fun the first time, I went back for a second dose!

The next 4-week session begins Thursday, October 17th.  After you get warmed up with Beginning Creative Writing, I hope you’ll try out one of my creative writing workshops: Plotting a Novel, Memoir, or Screenplay, Your Life in Print, or Creating Compelling Characters.  And Saturday, October 26th is the last chance for Create Scenes that Sizzle: 15 Essential Elements of Scene Writing!

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