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The 12th House Challenge

Miranda-the-TempestThe 12th Zodiac House in astrology has often been considered one of the most difficult houses because it rules the area of our earthly existence that lives in the Underworld.  It is the house of the Soul, the Shadow, and ego dissolution.  When we have a lot of planetary activity in the 12th house, we will tend to experience many losses in life, often tremendous losses.  In fact, it may feel like the theme of our lives.  People who are born with planets in the 12th house are the ones who have to deal with the most loss; they often turn to some form of escape, like an addiction, or they are very spiritual, sometimes all of these things.

When planets are transiting through your 12th house, you may feel severely challenged.  You may experience an ending or forced solitude.  I’ve noticed lately that this seems to be true in my life right now, so I looked at my chart to see if the planetary placements had anything to do with it.  What I see are the North Node, Saturn, and Venus in my 12th house Scorpio.  This would be true of anyone with a Sagittarius Sun or Ascendant.

Some may decry the Twelfth House as the garbage bin of the zodiac because, being the last house in the Zodiac, it is the place where we must face our reckoning.  It is the house of Solitude and forced confinement.  First we must trudge through the muck, but if faced honestly, we can burn away the detritus and bring cleansing wholeness.  As don Juan would say, this is where we dust our link to Spirit.  This is where we must look honestly at our feelings of self-pity and self-importance, releasing old wounds, judgements, blame, shame, guilt, fears, and anything else that clogs the channel to Spirit and drains us of our personal power.

Ultimately, this house is the champion of positive transformations. It is here that we stand on the precipice and determine how we will proceed. By visiting the unconscious and meeting with the past, we begin to glean what the future will bring.

When dealing with the 12th house, we we can feel bound in life — stuck and confined. For this reason, this house rules jails, hospitals, institutions, asylums and any space that inhibits freedom.  Rather than fight it, the best thing to do is embrace it.  Use it as an opportunity to recapitulate your life.  What have you learned?

If possible, this is the best time to enter a spiritual retreat or psychological counseling.  Doing this work in the “Underworld” creates for us a much stronger foundation for success in life.  If entering a spiritual retreat or psychological counseling are not possible right now, you can create your own retreat where ever you are right now.


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