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The New Moon & New Beginnings

new-moonIf there were one thing you could commit to in the coming year, starting today, August 6th, 2013, that you would feel good about regardless of the outcome, what would that be?

If you’re like me and have a difficult time choosing one thing, you could make a list, but either way, something will be at the top of the list.  So I’m not going to say what that is, only that I have definitely decided to start the second draft of my novel, A Siren’s Lament.

I just signed up for Advanced Novel Writing with Bill Henderson at Lighthouse Writers Workshop.  I signed up exactly at 3:51pm today when the new moon was exact.  I kind of have a fetish about doing stuff like that.  Choosing the astrological timing is called “Electional Astrology.”  Then I can look at the alignments and see the meaning.

This New Moon is in Leo.  Leo rules my 2nd house of earned income and personal assets, so that would bring some new development in that area of my life.  It also rules my solar 9th house of publishing, broadcasting, theater, and higher education.  This fits well (publishing, higher education).  As it turns out I’ll be reading one of my flash fiction stories on stage at the Mercury Cafe this Friday, August 9th @ 7:00pm (theater)

The new moon is the perfect time for new beginnings.  Choose one thing and commit to it for a year.

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