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Abundance & Prosperity

abundance-and-prosperity-beach-300x245This subject is on my mind today because yesterday I began a seven-week commitment to doing chakra clearing and balancing, focusing on one chakra each week.  The first chakra is at the tail bone, the place in our bodies where we connect to the earth when we sit.  It represents the energy of survival and getting our needs met.  When the chakras are open and clear of energetic blocks, the energy of the Earth and the Cosmos, Divine Intelligence, is able to flow freely through our being.  We are connected to Abundance.  We feel safe because we know that our needs will be met.

I believe that those people who are connected to Abundance feel safe in the world and therefore are able to take risks that lead to greater abundance and prosperity flowing to them.  If you don’t KNOW that all all of your needs will be met easily and effortlessly, then you may have some energetic blocks in your first chakra.  This usually comes from painful or traumatic situations in childhood where needs were not met, whether they were physical, material, or emotional.  We “learned” that we were not safe in the world.  When we don’t feel safe, we don’t trust.  When we don’t trust, it’s very difficult to take risks that could lead to a much more abundant and prosperous life.

If you suspect this may be true of you, I’d like to suggest some ways to open yourself up to Abundance.  First, the simple fact that you are alive means that your needs have been met.  Otherwise you’d be dead!

Starting from this awareness, the next thing to do is to begin focusing on the abundance in your life.  Most people focus on money, but Divine Intelligence doesn’t think that way.  You can attract more money, but to focus on it as the only expression of abundance is a way of turning an expansive and abundant universe into a scarce and impoverished one.  Divine Intelligence and Abundance (or what some might call God), doesn’t care about money.  Only humans do.  And to think that only money makes us wealthy is a dangerous delusion.

Yesterday I woke up in my bed after a good night’s sleep (that’s worth a lot!) and went to visit my friend Deborah.  We visited for a bit, set our intentions, then began the meditation for the first chakra clearing.  I led the meditation.  It lasted for at least an hour.  I was immersed in the Beauty of God’s creation, sitting cross-legged on the hardwood floor in front of cathedral-like plate-glass windows with the sunlight streaming in and a view of the forest surrounding the house.  I watched a bird sitting at a bird feeder, listened to the music on the stereo and felt goosebumps all over my skin and tears trickling down my cheeks.  It was an experience of awe and reverence.

Afterward, we shared a delicious, nutritious lunch and then sat in the hot tub while soft rain dropped from the heavens, wetting our faces and hair.  We enjoyed conversing with each other and deepening the bond of friendship.

Later that afternoon at home, I discovered that I had more students enrolled in my workshops and I received a satisfying compensation for the creative writing workshop I taught that evening.  Yet for me, the abundance wasn’t the money (though I do appreciate it!), the abundance was the feeling.  Bliss, joy, love, and appreciation flowed through the entire day.  I am truly blessed.

There was a time in my life when I was imprisoned in a gilded cage, miserable, my brain rotting from boredom, symptomatically obsessive-compulsive, literally tearing my hair out, metaphorically holding my breath until I could get out of there.  Even anti-depressant drugs couldn’t cure my soul’s ache.  I received five times more money annually than what I receive now, but I am so much more wealthy now.

I committed myself to following my bliss.  I committed myself to doing what I love 24/7.  I manifested that dream.  You can too.  Just start listening to your heart and moving in the direction it suggests.  Stop listening to fear and doing what it tells you to do.  Put your focus on all the abundance in your life and commit to its expansion in your life.  Raise your tolerance for bliss.  You can have as much as you believe you can have.  Choose to believe in Infinite Abundance.

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