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The Magic of Storytelling

storytellingHaving taught the Law of Attraction and creative writing workshops at Colorado Free University for almost seven years now, I’ve discovered an interesting connection between the two.  Storytelling is a very magical act, and believe it or not, we are all telling stories all the time, both to ourselves and to other people.  Every person’s story is called “This is What I Believe.”

There are collective stories (beliefs) and individual stories (beliefs).  Some people agree on some of the stories, but not all of them.  I’d like to explore our individual stories with the idea in mind that they are just stories and may or may not be true, yet they become true when we believe they are true.  That’s the Law of Attraction at work.

I have a friend who says he wants to be a self-employed entrepreneur and get married.  In some part of his being, this is true, but in the part where his beliefs are stories about himself are stored, he feels inadequate, so he will move toward being self-employed or get into a relationship, then two to three months into it, he quits and moves in a completely different direction.

From my perspective, the story of inadequacy is astounding.  He won a genetic lottery:  tall (6’4″), athletic, healthy, extremely handsome, white male, born in the United States.  It’s like he got a winning Power Ball ticket, but looks at it and says, “Well, it’s only $50 million.  That’s nothing.  Some people win $500 million.”

I would be happy with $1 million.  I’d be happy with $100,000, or $10,000, or $1000!

It’s easy when we’re on the outside looking in to see how someone’s beliefs, the stories they tell themselves, shape their lives.  We all do this.  I’m just as guilty of it.  But lately I’ve come to ask myself an interesting question:  What difference would it make if I changed the story I believe and then acted as if it were true?

Maybe none.  Or maybe it would change my life.  Maybe overnight, or maybe after a few years.  But either way…. it could be interesting.

In the novels I write, my characters take on all kinds of challenges.  They struggle with setbacks, but they persevere. and they ultimately succeed.  Their lives are forever changed.  If you believe that telling yourself a different story, thus feeling moved to take different actions, could change your life, you will begin.  If you don’t believe it, it’s unlikely anything significant will change, and that belief will be reinforced.  It’s up to you.

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